Best Sellers and Popular Massage Chairs in Q1 2017

Finding the best massage chair to suit your own particular preferences can be confusing as there are so many options available. Are you looking for the best ergonomic chair? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we are listing best massage chairs. Hopefully, you will find the best match to buy your desired one. Our pick of the best sellers massage chairs Q1/2017 research from Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, Target and Bestbuy.

Best Sellers and Popular Massage Chairs in Q1 2017

1. Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair
Price from $729.99 | Check price update

This chair is very easy to put together only took 30 minutes. Full Body Relax Massage Chair: 4 preset auto massage programs have different massage methods and zero gravitation design, give you the best massage experience. 35 air bags placed all over the shoulder, arms, seat, and legs, to massage gently.8 massage points inside of the backrest work together with other areas to relax you from head to toe.

Best sellers & popular massage chairs in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20

2. Full-Body Zero Gravity Space Saving L-Track Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner
Price from $1,899.99 | Check price update

New designed easy to understand manual, Three levels zero gravity, Double layer shoulder airbags - White Glove option available in Other sellers by Goodpriceworld , Extra foot padding and remote holder included. There are 2 stages of zero gravity, the 2nd being more reclined. Zero gravity position is most effective position to effectively enjoy a massage. Zero-gravity massage chairs can help spread a user's weight across the chair. This relieves stress on the body and allows for a deeper, more intense massage experience. The reduction of stress on your body is so effective you'll feel virtually weightless as a result. When reclined fully, to where your legs are higher than your heart level, the therapeutic effects are incredibly effective and may be felt immediately.

Best sellers & popular massage chairs in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20

3. RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus Full Massage Chair
Price from $1,698.00 | Check price update

Great massage chair to melt away the aches and pains. Zero gravity chairs elevate your feet to the same level as your heart, minimizing the strain of gravity on your vertebrae, relieving the discomfort of back pain. Your heart can work less and you can relax more. QUALITY & INNOVATION: From top quality soft grained synthetic leather to enhance your experience to light total weight for easy mobility, the chair is thoughtfully designed with user friendliness in mind.

Best sellers & popular massage chairs in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20

4. Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800
Price from $2,099.99 | Check price update

Newly designed easy to understand manual, upgraded to three levels zero gravity, Double layer shoulder airbags, Best warranty service for online massage chair company – Easy to register warranty and request service. Kahuna LM-6800 gives limited warranty for 3 years. We offer warranties for all parts, labor and structural framework of the chair. We guarantee that your qualified product will be repaired. This Kahuna Massage Chairs for residential use only. It is a non-transferable warranty. First year covers all parts and labor cost. Customers do not pay anything during first year warranty period.

Best sellers & popular massage chairs in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20

5. Merax Massage Chair Recliner Chair with Air Massage System Shiatsu Massage Chair
Price from $499.90 + $89.99 shipping | Check price update

This high-back massage chair comes in faux leather that wipes clean with a damp cloth for easy maintenance, Enjoy an indulgent full-body massage with this Merax massage chair. Using an intelligent roller system to maximize comfort by conforming to the unique shape of your body.

Best sellers & popular massage chairs in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20

6. Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair
Price from $829.99 | Check price update

Really nice chair for the money, Massage area increased 60%, massage all sides, the ultimate experience for neck, shoulder, back, waist, hips and thigh.

Best sellers & popular massage chairs in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20

7. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair
Price from $769.99 | Check price update

BestMassage EC-06C Massage Chair has an updated design, functions and features. Features: Recovery Program Extend Program Relax Program Refresh program More than 30 air bags Build in Heat Intelligent roller system - Flexible, conforms to the contour and shape of your back Added neck massage feature.

Best sellers & popular massage chairs in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20

8. Kahuna superior massage chair
Price from $2,499.99 | Check price update

A progressive Kahuna chair SM-7300 collaborated with top performing technology embedded with variety of different technique functions which are kneading, tapping, knocking, tapping + knocking, and shiatsu massage on selective body proportion of whole or partial or fixed point on body. It performs close to human-touch massage as it proceeds the massage like having a personal masseuse in your home.

Best sellers & popular massage chairs in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20

9. Kahuna Massage Chair SL-Track
Price from $3,999.99 | Check price update

Kahuna Massage Chair’s newly renovated chair: SPIRIT is FDA approved and can serve myriads and variety of customers. Kahuna’s Spirit has advanced technology including NEW SL-track Massage Function that is newly renovated technology combining 2 favorite features from the past the S-track and L-track into 1 chair. Kahuna’s chair is also approved by the FDA for improving and preventing health issues that customers may have especially newly vibration function below waist that significantly aids genital diseases. .

Best sellers & popular massage chairs in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20

10. WholeBody 7.1 Swivel-Base Massage Chair 
Price from $1,664.98 | Check price update 

5 Auto-Massage Programs: For pain relief, stress relief, physical theraphy, or relaxation, programs include (1) Full Back, (2) Upper Back, (3) Lower Back, (4) Relax, and (5) Sleep, Exclusive BodyMap PRO: Simply press where you want to feel better, then sit back and let the swivel-based massage chair do the rest. This amazing chair helps you to surrender every muscle in your back, neck, and shoulders into relaxation using patent pending FlexGlide Orbital Massage Technology, which delivers a stress-reducing experience like never before.

Best sellers & popular massage chairs in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20

Choosing the best massage chairs buying guide. 

We will have a look at the best therapeutic massage chairs available today. Therapeutic massage recliners are surprisingly advanced products. They incorporate many different systems to give a variety of therapeutic massage and other restorative features. We also want to separate out the bogus features from those that really add value. Here is a go through the best therapeutic massage chairs.

KNOW VERY WELL WHAT You Want: It's important to truly have a good idea as to what your requirements are. Since they are more costly items, you will need to look more at your long-term needs. Have you got any regions of concern that may necessitate massage therapy inside our future? Also consider what other users may be using the seat over time.

Long-term Investment: Therapeutic massage chairs are actually a long-term investment in your health. This is an increased ticket item and takes a bit more research to find the long-term gain. Ensure you get sufficient warrantee coverage for parts. Also see is the business you are buying it from offers in-home technician service.

ROBOTIC MASSAGE CHAIR Features: You should think about a few of the features you'll want in a robotic massage chair. Will you be mainly concerned with the back massage? How about the lower body? Determine some of the essential massage techniques available and various features. Massage recliners often have MP3 players, stretching systems and home heating elements.

Try a ROBOTIC MASSAGE CHAIR: Research some places where you could be able to tie a robotic massage chair. It's important to obtain a feel for a few of the therapeutic massage techniques. Additionally you want to be sure that any particular trouble areas are sufficiently dished up. Finding a destination to try your selected chair can sometimes be challenging.

The best robotic massage chair will likely own an adjustable width facility. When you have multiple users of the couch, this is a feature you'll need. To acquire an effective rub you will want to have a very good couch that fits your body correctly and an adjustment facility would be useful if you use the seat after another person. You should spend some time looking for the chair that fully matches your preferences, that offers the type of massage that you want with a good amount of comfort and that will fit into your own color scheme.

Whenever you relax in the couch for a massage you will really appreciate developing a footrest with regard to comfort. Several chairs won't come with this feature but this is obviously the one that you want to make sure you have. You can also get airbags that may be installed for the foot and leg areas for added profound massaging benefits in these areas.

So consider well and take your time in finding the right massage chair for your particular requirements.