Best Sellers & Popular Over-Ear Headphones Q1 2017

Different types of best Over-Ear Headphones? Looking to purchase a new one for you? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we are listing Top 10 Best Selling and Popular Over-Ear Headphones. Hopefully, you will find the best match to buy your desired one. Our pick of the Top 10 Best Sellers Over-Ear Headphones Q1/2017 research from Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, Target and Bestbuy.

Top 10 Best Sellers & Popular Over-Ear Headphones (2017 Q1)

1. Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones
Used & new price from $172.00

QuietComfort 25 headphones are engineered to sound better, be more comfortable and easier to take with you. Put them on, and suddenly everything changes. Your music is deep, powerful and balanced, and so quiet that every note sounds clearer. Even air travel becomes enjoyable, as engine roar gently fades away. No matter how noisy the world is, it’s just you and your music—or simply peace and quiet. These headphones are compatible with most Android, Windows and BlackBerry smartphones.

Best & Popular Over-Ear Headphones in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20

2. Cowin E-7 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Over-ear Stereo Headphones
Used & new price from $57.22.

E7 Active Noise Cancelling headphones are the best-performing around-ear headphones from COWIN. They give you crisp, powerful sound--and quiet that lets you hear your music better. They give the music you love deep, clear sound. At the same time, COWIN active noise cancelling technology monitors the noise around you and cancels it out, helping you focus on what you want to hear--whether it’s your music, your calls or simply peace and quiet.

Best & Popular Over-Ear Headphones in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20

3. Ailihen I35 Headphones with Microphone Stereo
Used & new price from $15.98 

Hook up the tangle free, braided-nylon cord equipped with an in-line mic for taking calls, firing up your tunes, pausing them and controlling the tracks on your mix. The straight jack rocks with all devices and cases. And the compact, adjustable headband fits growing kids and teens.

Best & Popular Over-Ear Headphones in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20

4. Kidz Gear Wired Headphones For Kids
Used & new price from $11.99

Works with iPad, iPod and iPhone and many many other audio devices|Custom designed fit for children 2 yrs. and older, the Kidz Gear CH68KG04 stereo headphones deliver extremely rich sound quality for a variety of audio content - DVDs, MP3s, Game Players, Radio and more.

Best & Popular Over-Ear Headphones in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20

5. Baby Banz Infant Hearing Protection Earmuff
Price from $26.00.

BanZ easy to wear earmuffs are designed to protect children from harmful noises. Our virtually indestructible earBanZ feature fashionable colors and prints plus offer great noise reduction for active babies and kids. earBanZ come in two styles and fit children age 0-12 years.

Best & Popular Over-Ear Headphones in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20

6. Sony MDRRF985RK Wireless RF Headphone
Used & new price from $34.92.

Untangle your mind and relax with crisp, personal audio without wires. They also feature a comfortable headband and long battery life up to 25 hours. Best of all, one simple setup is all it takes to achieve optimal RF signal reception and you're on your way to cordless freedom. Wireless 900Mhz FM headphones for cord-free listening, Easy-adjust headband for long term comfort.

Best & Popular Over-Ear Headphones in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20


7. Avantree Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones
Used & new price from $69.99.

They're ideal for watching TV, especially action movies, live broadcasts of ball games & live concert shows. Also for music & gaming, this wireless / wired headset delivers 40 hours of listening bliss. Experience superb music and voice clarity. Built-in bass boost (or bass off ) lets you tailor audio to your wireless bluetooth headphones for playstation, xbox, PC gaming, music or TV with rich lows and clear treble. Perfect headset for audio lovers.

Best & Popular Over-Ear Headphones in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20


8. Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
Used & new price from $45.99.

The Hesh 2 is an elevated audio experience housed in a sleek and simplified aesthetic, complete with Supreme Sound, Long lasting battery life lasting 12 hours after a full charge. Backup Cable w/ Mic + remote functionality, just in case. Powerful 50mm drivers for refreshingly loud and clear playback.

Best & Popular Over-Ear Headphones in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20

9. Modern Portable Bluetooth Headphones
Used & new price from $49.99.

The HIFI ELITE Super66 is a perfect match for everything from smartphones and tablets to component stereo systems. The Super66 connects wirelessly to your portable devices via Bluetooth, or with anything with a headphone output using a mini-plug wired connection. It will bring beautiful music everywhere you go.

Best & Popular Over-Ear Headphones in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20

10. Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphone
Used & new price from $299.99.

With the HD 650, audiophiles will experience truly unique natural sound. With sound this good, long concerts in the comfort of your home are a certainty, so the HD 650 also sets standards in comfort and convenience. The HD 650 is a genuine masterpiece, which will satisfy even the most demanding listener. Improved frequency response is 10 - 39,500 Hz (-10 dB), Specially designed acoustic silk ensures precision damping over the entire frequency range and helps to reduce THD to an incredible 0.05%

Best & Popular Over-Ear Headphones in 2017 Q1 | FindTop20

Buying Tips for Over Ear Headphones

If you are looking for the perfect headphones for a superior listening experience, your very best option would be Over the Hearing Headphones. These headphones are also called ear cup headphones, full size headphones, and they're usually the major headphones available for purchase. If worn, on the hearing, the headphone cups in the ears to totally enclose them, hence the word over the ear canal. This is the primary difference between available headphones or hearing buds, which are being used inside of the ear rather than over the ear canal.

Over ear headphones tend to be large, and the earpieces can resemble earmuffs linked with a headband. Most models have cords, and the wires are long enough, about 3 to 8 toes, to hook up to a receiver, computer, TV or amplifier.

Wireless models are battery driven and can grab radio frequencies from basic units. They often have a battery life of 5 - 8 time.

There are always a handful of basic designs. Some may be the shut, headphone, which, as the name implies, closes over your ears to keep the audio in and muffle outside noise. These are perfect for people who wish to tune out the rest of the world but may not be a good choice for people who have to have an hearing out because of their children or a calling phone.

That's where the "open" over ear headphones come in. This model comes with an opening in the hearing cup which means you can listen to what's happening around you (the degree of which will depend on how loud your music is). The downside is that if other folks are close by, they'll oftimes be able to notice whatever it is you're listening to.

If you opt for a closed headphone, you can find models specifically made to block out ambient noise. They'll fit tightly over your ears, forming a seal to filter what you do not want to hear and retain in what you do.

Special models even combine noise-canceling technology. These use batteries along with minuscule microphones that monitor noise frequencies, then replicate those frequencies to cancel out the noise.

The entire sized headphones are excellent for all sorts of situations. If you're in a noisy place, and want to drown out the outside noises. Perfect for noisy cities, airplanes, golf clubs, and offices. You'll find a number of noises canceling earphones that will make your tuning in experience more isolated. There's also wide open ear canal types of headphones that are not noises canceling, but will allow sound from the headphone. These types of headphones tend to be used in documenting studios to obtain a true feel for how an artist or performer may seem.

It's wise would be to own both types of earphones since they give different activities for different circumstances. While over hearing headphones will give you the best audio, in hearing headphones will be ideal for other productive situations. In the end, the final consumer should decide which kind of headphones to make use of, as well as for what activity.